Meet Our Family



Meet the Hanneman Family

The Family that works together stays together!

John E. Hanneman

I run Hanneman Forest Products with my wife and two sons.  Being outdoors and doing something different each day keeps me motivated and active.

Donna Hanneman

I am a full time teacher in Hanover County (Third Grade at Gandy Elementary) as well as the records keeper for Hanneman Forest Products.

John-Scott Hanneman

I am a 2011 graduate of Patrick Henry High School. I have worked within this business since I was 8.  My favorite part of the job is running the loaders and excavators.

Evan Hanneman

I am a 2012 graduate of Patrick Henry High School.  I have been a part of my parent’s business since I was very young.  I’ve grown up in this business and it’s where I want to be.

Thank you for your interest in our mulch and firewood family-run business.  John E. and Donna Hanneman have anchored this family operation since beginning in 1995. Our business has undergone many exciting changes throughout the years. We believe recycling wood is one of the best things we can do, as a family and as a business, to help our area meet its firewood and mulch needs while minimizing the impact on local landfills.

John holds an Environmental Science degree from UVA and Donna received her teaching BS degree from Longwood College.  While John is the front runner of the business, Donna teaches school at Gandy Elementary in Hanover County and helps with all aspects of the business.  Together, with their two sons, they have formed a unique enterprise while morphing, growing, and utilizing each person’s special talents.

John oversees “production.”  While he doesn’t specialize in computers or telephones, he’s definitely the PR person.  All decisions go before him.  He makes sure all the various pieces of equipment are serviced properly and ready to roll. He purchases new equipment and solicits new customers.  You’ll see him “manning” the Rockville mulch yard most days, especially in the spring.  John also makes sure the color enhanced dyed mulch is being properly produced.  He maintains contact with Kroger and Pleasants for bundled firewood sales.  During the winter he often drives the Kenworth tractor trailer to make deliveries and have personal contact with the store managers.

John and Donna have two sons, John-Scott and Evan, who work in our mulch and firewood business.  They are learning about business and life the old-fashioned way, by having responsibilities placed on their shoulders and expected to produce. Both boys are proficient on the front end loaders, trucks, excavator, firewood processor, and the grinder.  Each son has his own special interests and has learned to excel and complement the other.   They both grind aand deliver mulch to landscapers and homeowners, process firewood and other products.  Their jobs also include loading decks of log length wood to be split by the processor, waiting on customers, taking payment, maintaining the equipment and keeping the yards clean and operating safely.  John-Scott and Evan graduated from Patrick Henry High School in Hanover County.  They work full time for Hanneman Forest Products.