About Us

About Us

Hanneman Forest Products, LLC is a family owned and operated business producing color enhanced mulch, bulk firewood for private homes and wholesale, and woody biomass for paper mills or power plants to be burned for electricity. We also sell topsoil, compost, stone and other landscaping products for homeowners and landscapers.  We have three sites for our different products. Our West End Mulch Yard is available for both wholesale and retail sales.

  • Our Hanover County Chip Yard is located at 8400 Old Richfood Road in Mechanicsville. It’s very close to the intersection of route 301 and 295.  We take in chips to be recycled there.
  • Our West End Mulch Yard is located in Rockville, at 2408 Lanier Road, just a few miles west of Short Pump.  We sell retial and wholesale mulch at that location.  We will be adding more products soon!
  • Our woodyard is located at 9130 Barricade Lane in Mechanicsville. We receive and store log length wood, woody debris, and other products that will be processed into firewood and biomass.

Hanneman Forest Products is in essence, a wood recycling unit. We take in many types of woody debris from wood chips to whole trees. All materials that come in are further processed and go back out as a different product. We waste nothing.  Getting wood and woody debris is the number one priority. Many local tree companies bring their byproduct- chopped up trees- to our wood-yard. This saves them a disposal fee, and it provides us with wood for firewood and with debris that can be ground up into mulch!  Several clearing contractors bring trailer loads of wood, which saves them time and money as well. We sort the different types of wood that is brought in, and we send pine out as logs for sawmills or as pulpwood for paper. We save the hardwood logs for firewood. The logs can then be processed using our Multitek Firewood Processors.

Speaking of firewood; this was the start of our company. In 1992 we started selling firewood as a side business while John was in college. In 1995, when John graduated from UVA we sold a total of twenty five cords of firewood. In 2019 we sold over six hundred cords of firewood.  The firewood was originally sold in two ways. For sixteen years we packaged firewood bundles that were sold at Kroger Stores from Richmond to Virginia Beach, Pleasants Hardware here in Richmond, and Taylor’s Do It Centers in Tidewater.  (In 2018-2019 we packaged 52,000 little bundles!) We no longer package the bundles and sold that side of the operation in the spring of 2019.  Bulk firewood is how we started in 1995.  Getting logs for free and splitting them for the winter’s fires was the beginning.  We continue to provide firewood to our residential customers; many who have watched our boys grow up. The boys were toddlers and rode in the trucks on deliveries, then they were driving the dump trucks making the deliveries. Today they may be the primary splitters – loading the delivery trucks/trailers!  In keeping with our ideals to ensure total utilization of materials, any wood that we deem unacceptable for our customers is used to heat our home in our wood boiler. The other bark scraps are put back on a pile to be used as future material for mulch.

The wood and woody debris that is not turned into firewood is ground in step one of creating mulch.  All the debris receives a primary grind through a huge grinder like  the newest addition, The Diamond Z “giant tub!” Once ground, the mulch is then reground in our Morbark 3800.  While grinding/screening, it will also be colored or dyed to enhance its longevity and personal appearance.  We color enhance in brown and black.  We buy only the best color from BASF ColorBiotics to ensure that the color stays on.  We encourage and educate all of our customers to the facts about dyed mulch.  ColorBiotics does a great job as well explaining how the dyed mulch products are safe and environmentally friendly despite the word, “dyed.”  If the color enhanced mulch has been allowed to set up and cure properly, you can expect fresh color for months with no fading.

Hanneman Forest Products may also carry other mulch products…..to satisfy landscaping needs and wants.  We have the natural hardwood bark mulch, pine bark mulch, and a rougher more ordinary mulch without any color added.  These products are sometimes only carried seasonally or when there is demand.  Stone, topsoil, and compost are also items that Hanneman Forest Products may carry.   Compost makes everything greener by growing better and providing much needed nutrients to the topsoil.  We try to keep this on hand, but it may also be a seasonal product.