Topsoil, Organic Compost, & Mixed Soils


A beautiful lawn can be directly linked to healthy soil.  A soil that is rich in organic matter can better support turf growth which reduces weed pressure and withstands drought. In essence your goal is to feed and care for the soil in order to build organic matter. Screened topsoil is perfect for starting a lawn, planting, or filling holes in an existing yard.

How much soil do I need?

What is compost?

Simply put, compost is decomposed organic matter. It is often used as a soil amendment to add organic matter and beneficial organisms to the soil. It is teeming with microorganisms that become part of the nutrient cycle of plants.

Why is compost so good?

The microorganisms in compost give it its magic. Millions of microbes work in the soil, cycling nutrients and making them available to be used by the plant. When connected with the soil, compost becomes a natural fertilizer. Compost is also loaded with micronutrients that is extremely beneficial for plant growth. Compost adds life to the food web, ultimately resulting in healthier grass. The presence of organic matter in compost is desired because it will eventually break down in the soil.